Think back to that first berm you railed. Or that time you buttered the tricky line through the rock garden. Ah yes, these perfect moments on the knobbies are priceless gems in our minds and undoubtedly the reasons we ride. However, these gems take years to form. For biking is one thing and bike handling is all together another. Therefore, a rider's bike may be seen as a direct reflection of the rider's intent.

Here at Astrix Sports, it is precisely this passion that drives us to create frames that will allow you to consistently find those precious gems. Our head engineer has been riding for over a decade. Not just riding, but railing berms, launching off drops, and pedaling into the dusk of warm Moab nights. He shares that secret addiction we all have. We feel this understanding is essential to designing a truly amazing frame.

We also know that diligent persistence is the other key ingredient. Like that first series of dirt jumps you strung together, you honed your skills until the line was ridden flawlessly. Every feature of our frames is under constant scrutiny so that each detail is for a purpose and every aspect is considered. Therefore, when you have decided to ride the bike that matches your caliber of desire, it is time to consider an Astrix.

Astrix Sports' passion for their design has been recognized by other companys around the world. Astrix has licensed and developed custom frames based on their proven suspension design to some of these companys. The following companies currently use frames developed by Astrix:

Bergamont - Germany - Evolve Team DH

Fever - Italy - Bandit / One 80

Kuwahara - Japan - Delta R 4X

Kuwahara - Finland - Dirt Spirit Dirt Jump

Oxford - Chile - Team OX-6 DH

Planet X - Worldwide - Growler / Storker

Shawn - Philippines - Downhill / Freeride / Cross Country Suspension and Hardtail Models

Solid Bikes - Germany - Mission 9 / Liberator / Index / Harlem

DiamondBack UK - UK - Sabbath GBoxx