Astrix Sports founder, Ryan Carroll, has spent years obsessing over an optimal suspenon design. The goal was to fully optimize pedal efficiency and wheel path in today's long travel frames. As you will see, Astrix Sports' revolutionary and meticulous designs are unsurpassed in today's bike industry.


This Suspension system combines a PCA linkage that provides an ideal rising spring rate with a stable pedaling platform rear suspension system. The MOTOLINK isolates the shock from the rear system while the suspension remains active and neutralizes pedaling over a broad range of suspension travel. All Astrix frames are built with this revolutionary combination.


The NEW proprietary design from ASTRIX neutralizes pedal forces and manipulates an ideal wheel path for a NO COMPROMISE suspension system. By the control arms remaining parallel to the Chain Torque Force, the force is supported by the arms and all of the input from the pedals is directed into the rear wheel for efficiency like a hardtail but paves the terrain under you for a plush ride.



The NEW proprietary design from ASTRIX uses a linkage system that mechanically manipulates the spring curve for an ideal spring rate. The system also eliminates shock shaft vertical loading from lever arms rocking into the shock. This decrease the internal friction on the bushings uneven loading of the seals, creating a longer and more reliable life for the shock.



7005 seamless extruded aluminum control arm tubing. The tubing has a rib extruded down the center of the tubing. This allows for the tube to be thinner but gains in stiffness. Superior stiffness results in precise control and improved tracking.